treasure hunt Final

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A scene that represent the hidden treasures in our jungles. I used a mix of assets created myself, modified downloaded assets, 3D scans and geonodes for the bridge and vines creations. The cool trees were made with The grove 3d.
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Cool one Seb, I love the Uncharted feeling. I like the composition, everything is in focus though, some depth of field so that the rocks in the foreground are blurred is going to up the cinematic feeling I think. 🤙

    • Sébastien Lenaerts(slenaerts) author

      Thx Omar! I tried to mimic a real life lens for landscape photography, and given the placement of the camera compared to my model and the statue It gets difficult to have a DOF that doesn't make the scene mini/weird. I'd have to put the cam closer to statue so my model and the bg behind the statue w'd get blurred. I'll try that :)

    • Sébastien Lenaerts(slenaerts) author

      Hey Omar, added 2 other POV, the side one is also nice :) Hope you like it!