Treasure Chest Adventure Final

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Finished the Treasure Chest course

I could have touched up the vertex painting but instead decided to try and 'clean it up' in the compositing, just to see how well I could blend it out. I feel I had some success in blending the crack highlights I mistakenly added in but still got a long road of improving to do. There definitely is a balancing act where the need to sacrifice a certain look in a setting to achieve the overall look your going for, so many rabbit holes one can go down and spend a lot of time working it. I have so many pic iterations I was going cross-eyed and losing my fiscus at what I was doing and ended up losing some better looking outcomes from that.

The color ramps are definitely something to really understand as sometimes it wouldn't do anything unless a setting was changed or switched. Somethings I found is I had to unplug specular and plug in metallic for the wood to show the roughness. Sometimes adjusting the bump map detail seemed to jolt the metallic or specular color ramp to wake up and work, lol. IDK, I'm probably, most definitely doing something wrong which  I hope to find out later with a big "Ooooohhh , so that's how it works!" moment. I love those, lol.

The coin simulation took awhile to get working and run through the sim so I could try and pick a keyframe to take a pic. I found it amusing the coins kept standing vertical. 

I tried to make a cartoony version (the yellow and blue trunk) . It is kinda ugly but I kinda like it. I have to learn to let go of the details generated from the bump map. I really like the look it gives but it takes away from getting the toon look. 

These aren't good or perfect  by any means but a step into improving, I can't go anywhere but up, lol. 

This i a great course, challenging but eye opening.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    That is a super upgrade. It turned out great Brad. Congrats on finishing the course. I don't know if it's a mistake, but there is a yellow sharp tint on top of the chest when it's opened for the coins. Maybe a light was there and it got too close with the chest open?

    • Brad Wheeler(brad-nbo) author

      Hey thanks Omar. Yeah, the light wasn't moved, didn't think about it at the time (and they were turned off in the outliner, so out of sight out of mind kinda thing 8^) ) and after I modified with the lattice and opened the lid the light was closer than previously. I did like the highlight it made on the lid so I left it as is.
      I am blind in one eye and not the best vision in the one I have. I do appreciate the comments and pointing out these kinds of things. What looks good to me might be excessive in contrast (as I look for contrast to see things clearly more than the average person) or it just doesn't look good or correct. To me the light on top looks okay, does it look wonky? These are the kinds of things I'm uncertain of so please let me know what looks out of place or wonky, it does help me be aware of things I would normally let go.
      I added a small light inside the trunk lid to shine on the gold so I thought there was bleed through from that at first, lol.
      Thanks for your help and let me know and keep letting me know what's out of place. It's hard from my end to get real objective critiques and youre helping me see and think of things I wouldn't normally.