Tranquility Final

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A scene i made in blender 4.0

Edited in photoshop

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  • It’s beautiful — but not tranquil, not to me. To me, it’s about farewell, letting go, leaving behind, having a final look — that sort of things.😢😉
    They say that blues (the music) is when a very good person feels very bad; well, somehow, to me this looks like an Oriental variety of the same thing.

    • Ewan Thorpe(ewanThorpe) author

      thank you for the response. i do love that art can be taken and mean many things to others

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It's the Wutai area. The title is very fitting, it does feel like tranquility when looking at the scene. Looking super awesome 🤙🏼