Toolbox (Maya) Final

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Week 3 at CG Spectrum had me creating this toolbox - which came out pretty well! Messed up some UVs on the hinges (backside), but I liked the overall look of it ^^

Low poly on the right, high poly on the left.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Yeah, really great textures man. Only tiny thing that struck me was the razor sharp look on the edges on the grey high poly model, but in the low poly version, the rust and worn edges seems to mask that out nicely. Great job.

    • ConraDargo author

      Thank you! And yes I agree, looking at the pictures afterwards I had the same feeling! And this is something that I've been trying to think about and work on in future projects after this one, as my mentor at CGS also pointed out the same thing!

  • The texturing really turned out nice!