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Here is a work for a client I did some months ago...
The task was to create a bulldog in pixar style.
As you can see, I got inspired by pets movie and LUIZ from Rio.
All Blender and some post pro on PS.

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  • Really cool looking happy, derpy dog.

    Looks relatively low poly for the amount of detail in the model. Nicely done!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Great work for sure. My only bit of thing is the background, how it fades to almost pure black at the bottom. Seems like it deserves some cute colors there. Awesome job Mary.

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      good feeback!
      Yes, probably too dark on the edges...Your comments really helps in getting a different perspective!

      Thank you!

  • Adrian

    Excellent work Mary!
    All that's missing is the slobbering drool from the mouth.
    Great pose!

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      Hi Adrian!
      Thank you for the great feedback :)
      Yes, true, a bit of drool would have made the scene more funny and alive. Will take this in count next time I make dogs! :D

      Have a nice day!