Tiger Tank Final

So this started out with me wanting to remake a model of the german Tiger tank. I had made a first attempt when I just was starting out with Blender, which wasn't looking to great anymore. So then of course I decided, that it needed a Scene, which needed other tanks and trees and smoke and it all spiraled out of control...

Everything was done in Blender except the texturing of the tanks which happened in Substance Painter.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Hugo, that looks awesome. The first picture with the scene has a great atmosphere around it. You captured the destruction of war very nicely. Very good job.

    • Hugo Wosolsobe(HugoWos) author

      Thank you very much Omar! It's really the volumetrics that do most of the legwork here.

      I also paid a lot of attention to the lighting after your feedback from my last posts.
      So please keep it coming, it really helps a great deal!

  • Here’s the picture of a Tiger I tank I took in the museum close to my place (hopefully the OneDrive link will work):!Al6ujOE75kIHgcJw2m5h0-nzpBmr2Q
    From this, it should be evident that the hull has come out almost photorealistic but the wheels and the tracks somewhat lack metallness: the specularity is subtly wrong, at least IMO. Although perhaps they were meant to be dusty, since it’s not a museum but a battle field environment?

    • Hugo Wosolsobe(HugoWos) author

      Yes, the wheels and tracks have an additional strong dirt layer to reflect the environment. From what I understand, the track links also get quite rusty when in use, which further takes away from the metallness.