The Secret Bunker Final

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Hi, Step into a subterranean imaginary bunker where rugged concrete walls encase a hidden refuge, evoking a sense of mystery and intrigue. The subdued lighting casts gentle shadows, revealing a space that is both secure and enigmatic :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Created in Blender and rendered using Cycles.
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  • What a fantastic piece of art. I love the setting. It really feels like a cyberpunk still from a movie. Congrats on your achievement and hope to see more from you.

  • So cool! Might I ask which courses helped you develop the techniques you used most in creating a render of this quality and detail?

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      Thank you so much :)
      Well Blender has been on my table since 2.43. So my skill as far as 3D was accumulated over all the many years I've been doing it. Before that I was also using 3DMax and SoftImage. Today I produce my own procedural material simulators.
      At the beginning Iike most of the people I learned a lot by watching videos and repeated what I saw, but more and more instead of repeating I started to implement the knowledge shown in the video in my own projects and learned from my many misstakes :) Alot of the knowledge was converted from 3DMax and SoftImage to Blender.
      To learn I've watched videos from CGcookie, BlenderGuru, Udemy....

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      pascalderaed author

      Hi again :) The "guest" answer was mine. I just do not know why my name (Pascal) was not displayed :)

  • wow, just wow! That is some professional work

  • I love that Steampunk-ish atmosphere, not unlike the first Matrix movie: the laptops, for example, are from the early 90s, if not late 80s. A sense of mystery indeed: some kind of a mind game involving memories and old sci-fi stories from childhood.😉

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      pascalderaed author

      Thanks a lot :) I'm glad you mentioned the mix of steampunk with more realistic looking assets because that's really what I was aiming at. It creates much more life in the image and makes the viewer wonder a little :)

  • Wow. This is amazing! Awesome job 👌🏻

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      pascalderaed author

      Thank you so much :) I had lotsa fun to work on that :) :) Only the screen of the monitors are image textures. Everything else is 100% procedural shading.

    • Kerri 3D(Kerri.3D)

      I'm a writer and wow... this would be SUCH an amazing setting for a story 😌. Congrats to you on such a successful project!

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      pascalderaed author

      Of course we could do that :)