The Path Through the Woods Final

Its been about 3 weeks since my last creation. I have been trying to develop skills by creating specific types of scenes. This is a scene I created in order to explore what goes into making nature in Blender. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
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  • Sounds like the best thing might be to adjust the position of the camera or objects in the frame to get a better composition, a composition that leads the eye to certain key elements in the scene. Anyway, good job on the nature scene.

  • greek10 author

    I understand what you mean. However, Because there is no main object in the scene for you to focus your eyes on, often they are led to look at everything at once, which is too distracting. I used the DOF as a guide to lead the viewer's eyes down the path. I may have made it slightly too strong though.

  • Love the misty effect. Using DOF, in my opinion, often gives scenes a miniaturized "toy" effect which I think detracts from the realism or "naturalness" of the render.

  • greek10 author

    The only thing I did not make myself was part of the grass particle system. It wouldn't have been very difficult to create it myself, but using it made the process slightly faster. The main grass was part of the grass essentials pack, this was a free download available from Blender Guru.

  • Did you use any prefab assets for your flora? Just curious because it looks really nice.