"The Nursery" adventure game competition entry Final

My entry to an adventure game background competition themed "The Nursery" This was the dialogue that I wrote to set the scene : "The old Leary place?! Why the hell are you going up there?!" . "I need some old documents that I think will help my investigation, I heard they lefte everything in there when it was abandoned" . "And you know why it was abandoned ,don't you? " . "nope..." . "it was home to The Leary Family in the 30's , they had already had 4 kids when they unexpectedly had another, it was unplanned but they decided to keep it. There wasn't much space left in the house but they managed to clear out an old room and turn it into a nursery. The story goes, that as soon as that baby was born, darkness descended upon the house. The Learys were convince that the baby was posessed. One day, they lost the plot and smothered it to death in its cot, then they went out into the forest and hung themselves. The Bodys of the other children were never found. The officers conducting the investigation found the house so disturbing that they recovered the babys body and left instantly. Nobody has never been back there" . "yeh ok, enough of your silly ghost storys, im going up tonight. And besides, even if there is any truth to your story, Its old documents and files Im looking for. I wont be going anywhere near the nursery. If they are still in the house, they are bound to be in the attic..."
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