"The Moon has Landed" Final

A few weeks ago, in preparation for a festival, one of my students posted an image on social media with the title roughly translated as "the moon has come down to the earth". The image depicted a large balloon of a moon still attached to the ground. And I thought, "hey, I can do that!", and then took a photo of an open area the next time I went outside. It would be a good opportunity, I thought, to learn the compositor outside blindly following a tutorial. After spending a couple of hours trying to remember what I had seen in tutorials on YouTube, and making what felt like random tweaking, not really knowing what I was doing half of the time, (and not to mention being way past midnight!), I considered it "good enough". Besides, it was only meant as a joke with my student and not something I would show lots of people. After becoming a dad almost two years ago now (time flies...), I almost completely stopped doing anything 3D. Only watching some random short tutorials online and occasionally when time permitted, actually following along with one that seemed "simple enough". As this is the only thing I have completed in a long time outside following along some tutorial, I have decided to post it here, in a desperate attempt to regain some lost momentum. So, here it is, with all its flaws. Anyways, sorry for rambling. It's way past midnight again, which seems to be the only time I can get more than 2 minutes without interruption, and I seriously need to get some sleep... EDIT: By the way, the moon textures are from NASA and can be found here:
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