The Gremlin Work In Progress

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A short animation about a bad day at work.
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dangs that ended up creepy. I thought it was going to be about A.I messing with the humans, didn't expect a little monster under the table. Cool story. 🤙🏼

  • A suggested plot twist: DJ gets the first error message in the morning; IT tech asks, ‘have you tried rebooting your computer?’ DJ reboots: by the time it’s booted up, it’s already noontime. Then the poor DJ proceeds to open the apps, one by one: by the time the screen looks like it did at the beginning, it’s already evening. And only then the error message pops up again.

    IRL, the two things that never fail to drive me to the edge of violence are the s.l.o.w, thoughtful computers and the self-important Helpdesk techs with with their ‘have you tried rebooting’.😁

    • Dwayne Savage(dillenbata3) author

      Nice Touch. If I do that I would need a clock or windows to the outside world to show that time has passed. Or anarchymedes is there some other way you'd show the passage of time?

    • anarchymedes

      Passage of time is easily shown by the angle of light through a window, or the brightness and colour of the sky. Yes, you will need a window in your office for that but - well, compared to the rest of the project, it’s a minor detail.