The Gnome garden Final

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Hello friends :)

some months ago a client came to me with a request of making a strong gnome garden. He also told me to take inspiration from Gnomeo movie…so…ok! let’s do it! :D it was a bit hard to make the gnome proportions if he had to be this strong…it looked always too “normal” not very gnome…so I struggled a bit with the proportions but I think I made it… :)
Here is the coolest gnome garden you can find…after Gnomeo haha!

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Such an awesome Gnome. Love his clothes, the pose, the attitude, proportions and I feel like I can trust him. He has like that good fellow quality about him. By the concept art it looks like he was going to have a tattoo on his arm? I bet he has a huge pot of gold tattoo on his back though. Great job Mary. 🤟🏼

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      Hi Omar! Thank you for the awesome comment!
      Yes, the gnome was supposed to have a tattoo. Unfortunately my client didn't want it so it ended up not having any! But ...Maybe I can make my own version and add it! I'm sure it would add more personality! :D ;)

  • Adrian

    I saw this on Instagram this morning!
    I love it ❤
    I'd love to see this little fella rigged and animated.
    You done an awesome job with the proportions,
    After all, an actual gnome size in real life are relatively ungnome! 🤣

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      Hey Adrian! Thank you for your comment! I would love to see it animated as well. It's already rigged, but maybe I should optimize the polycount for better performance. If I get time to do it, will post it! :D :)
      have a great day!

  • That's really good! Are you 3D printing it? I'd love to see how it comes out if you are.

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      Hey Brad! Actually I didn't mean to print it at first...but now that you saying, would be cool to see it. I don't have a printer tho...will see! Thank you!