The Compound Final

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This is for submission to 'Model A House' in the Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp. 

I didn't need to color it and will submit the suggested MatCap render (couldn't add them all in) 

It was a good exercise in modelling various aspects of modeling and included other parts from previous lessons in the course.

Just a Blender modelling exercise not a architectural work. All just for fun .

Modelled in Blender 3.3.1, vanilla style. 8^)

The humans were from CG Trader 

Great courses and tutorials, lots to learn but I do get carried away and had to stop to move on. I should take the course in minimalism so I won't be offending peoples eyes and good taste, there was more I was thinking of adding/tweaking, it's never ending.... 8^)

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Great man, you went all in and did more than a house, it's almost a factory of some kind, no wonder is called "the Compound". It's the new CG Cookie spiritual headquarters. Good exercise, keep em coming. 🤟🏼