The Chicken Monster Final

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Hi Blender heads!
I Want to share with you a model for a mascotte project I did some time ago.
The client was looking for an original character… a crazy monster chicken.
That was all the infos I got, so I was free to think of all the shapes and combos possibles to create this monster…And after some sketches, I finally got it! A funny creature with a beak and two long legs on a furry ball with feathers :smiley: I hope you get scared , the chicken could shot some huge egg from that mouth! :smiley:
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  • You updated it with a cool purple background. Looking nice!

  • What a fun character!! I love the expression 👍

  • The eyes of this thing are crazy! So much of them are open to the air. I can just imaging what they must look like when it blinks. Hahaha! The two fangs off to the side is a great touch as well. Let's get this thing rigged. I want to see its walk cycle and blinking eyes. 🐔👀

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      thank you Matthew! :)) Appreciate your feedback! I would like to rig it...I will surely do it in my free time. Really curious to see how it looks when walking hehe!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Cool chicken monster. I like wacky, over the top, stylized characters. If I can critique a thing or two, the black background is a bit underwhelming, Kent always used to correct that when doing his courses and emphasized on having some colorful background with a nice gradient and it makes such a huge difference. Also the texture and bump on the red thing at the top of the head looks very big and pixelated. Maybe toning it down and making it finer can look better. After that it looks very cool and awesome, good job Mary. 🤟🏼

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      Hey, thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated! Yeah, I don't like the crest that much, I think it's missing the right texture. I might update this project! :) Agree with the background, I don't usually leave blank background, so it's my fault this time! :) Let me see if I can improve these points and post it back! :)