The Breakfast Nook - Short Film Contest Entry Final

The Breakfast Nook is a short film that was made for a contest through Motion Array. I had 2 weeks to make a short film no more than 2 min in length that takes place at my desk, table, or counter. Using the knowledge and experience I have with Vector/2D Animation, combined with what I have learned so far here with both the Animation Fundamentals Course and some Motion Tracking tutorials, I was able to craft this short in time before the deadline. It was an amazing process taking this from script to storyboard, animatic to shooting, and then crafting the final film in post. I've tried to attached some of the process for you to see in this post, but if you have any questions regarding the workflow, hit me up and I'd be more than happy to talk about it! In some final regards about the contest: I have been told by the Motion Array Company that the film is one of the finalists, but no official winners have been announced as of yet. If you'd like to see it along with the other 91 films that were entered (including another Blender user) you can here:
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