The Big eye! Final

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Hello guys ! :) Here is a big eye spy robot that I had the immense pleasure of producing inside Blender 4.0 and rendering with Cycles. Actually, I was prompting using Midjourney robot ref images, kind of trying to find som inspiration but everything I got was so perfect whether it was modeling, shading, lighting or compositing. Then I thought…Hmmm, I’m going to create a wheel robot in Blender that’s as perfect as what Midjourney comes up with. I used other ref sources like cars and stuff. Here is the result! Blender 4.0 and rendered using Cycles. The entire shading is procedural.
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  • Yeah this is absolutely gorgeous. Some of the close ups look hyper realistic - the rubber tyres etc. The level of detail is also mind blowing...

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      pascalderaed author

      Thank you so much :) For me, detailing is central. It creates life and tells what the scene is about. I also love creating details that you only see if you really look. There is always something new to discover the more you look at it. Most of the time is spent on the shading and lighting. So much fun everything you can do with just a few nodes. I just love that stuff :) :)

  • Thank you so much guys :)

  • Adrian

    Oh yes wow!
    Staff Picked 🏆

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Incredibly good stuff, hardsurface eye candy. I bet Adrian will select it as staff pick. 🤙🏼

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      pascalderaed author

      Thank you :) The funny thing is that procedural shading on this is not that complicated. If you know as you probably do, your way around it, you can with just a few nodes really create amazing things. I'm not a technical artist, but my interest in technical solutions is only getting bigger and bigger :) Oh by the way I like the "eye candy" comment :) :)