Temple In The Grotto Final

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The temple mouth yawns, an instectoid maw etched in stone, its edges softened by filtered light. Within, the air tastes of damp earth and ancient secrets. The distant echo of water lapping against the dock reverberates through the bones. What unseen eyes watch from the shadows? What whispers linger in the petrichor-soaked air? The kayak, tethered and patient, awaits its intrepid voyager—an invitation to delve into the heart of forgotten mysteries
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  • Really nice, Mohamed. I like the mood and the contrast between light and shadow. Look out for boobytraps. And you made a story for it too, love it.
    The first bright light ray down the wall on the left looks a bit off, l can't quite figure out where it originates, almost like it goes through somewhere. Very minor nitpick.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Cool one Mohamed. I don't know why it reminded me both of Soul Reaver and Tomb Raider, I guess it's the colors and the lighting. You know I would complete the wall on the left so that it reaches the edge, that way the cave wont look like it leads to an open part, as it is now, and the light wont seem to come out of nowhere.

    • Mohamed Al Khalifa(Moe) author

      Oof wish I thought of that before I published! No worries! an observation for the future. Thanks Omar!