Sunlit forest Final

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Created in blender and edited in photoshop
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  • Cela fait penser à un tableau d'un peintre impressionniste, bravo!

  • I do have a huge soft spot for photorealism: and this scene touches it.😁
    Speaking of which: what season is it, and at what latitude? The grass is the high-summer green, and the flowers are in full bloom, yet the trees are autumn-yellow/brown — even though the nearly vertical rays of tropics-bright sunshine streak through the foliage, and there’s not a single fallen leaf on the ground… Well, it must be a dream world, I guess.😉👍

    • Ewan Thorpe(ewanThorpe) author

      good point i hadnt really thought of the season when making this. next one i will think more about this for the realism