Stylized Forest - Vernal Pool in Spring Final

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This is my result for the Stylized Forest course.

Kent says in the course not to worry too much about what specific type of plants you are adding, and I nodded and said "That makes perfect sense, don't want to spend too much time on that" and then spent a bunch of time making sure the hardiness zones overlapped for all the foliage I added so they could realistically exist in the same place. Theoretically, if you're in the smoky mountains, you could have all this foliage together and a vernal pool.

I wanted a different feel from the tree in the course, and since it's spring here I made a spring version. The hero tree is a tulip poplar, and the trees with the little purple buds are redbuds. The white flowers are wood anemones and there are tadpoles in the vernal pool.

I think my colors might be a bit washed out, but I don't want to keep tinkering with it so we'll just call it an exceptionally misty morning.

First time doing water, hopefully it looks sufficiently watery.

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  • Adrian

    Very nice work!
    The plants look really good, worth the effort.
    The transition from right to left, warm to cool, is exceptional...
    When I look at the right side of the image I feel the warmth, and then on the left I feel the coolness.
    The hero tree leaning toward the sunny side helps with the effect.
    Top job 👍

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dude really good work. Love the soft gradient in the background as it changes color. The atmospheric fog, makes it feel like it's a nice cold morning. Also cool context and frame work around making sure things are as they're supposed to be realistically. It's not time wasted, all good movies work on developing off screen narratives which makes for a more solid foundation in what you're doing. So three thumbs up for going above and beyond the duty. 👍👍👍