Strawberry BunBun Final

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I've been on CG Cookie for a while, so I figured I should upload some of my stuff! This was an experimental model for the game VRChat--hence the possibly confusing features on the first image. As the name implies, VRChat lets you "wear" a 3D model and puppet it inside the game. This character was made to be compatible with standalone headsets (as opposed to the kind you plug into a PC or console) which means I had to keep the file size small. She is about 12k polys and has a single, 1024px diffuse texture. I managed to get 2D lip sync working too! Her base mesh is simply a subdivided skin modifier that was tweaked in sculpt mode. I used a cloth sim and gentle wind force field to make her dress and did the fabric and hat textures in Adobe Illustrator. Thank goodness for the UV Squares addon!! I achieved the flat shading by setting her material to emissive, and the outlines are Freestyle and grease pencil that were touched up a bit in Adobe Photoshop.
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