SpyHouse 2nd Attmpet Work In Progress

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My first attempt actually wasn't of the building.  It was of a lamp that I found need in the coffee shop.  I did it from that small detail out, which was difficult.

This time I modeled things from the outside in, which allowed me to finish the building much quicker.  I still have the apartment entryway to do, and a little work to do on the main coffee shop entrance, but other than that the blockout is done.

If I did it a 3rd time I'd do some math.  The shops are all probably the same dimensions, so I'd decide on what those dimensions are and make them a static size.  I was laying things out by hand based off of the photo, so some of the measurements are off and every piece of glass, trim, and support had to be lined up by hand which took way more time than "precalculating" would've.

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  • wardred author

    Thanks Omar!

    I actually used FSpy. It got really close.

    Just working on the awning for the apartment's entryway. It's "this close", but I have a little math to do to get the array modifier to line up properly.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It is turning out great, Wardred. And if you ever need to align a photo for reference, there's always great addons for that. That fSpy one comes to mind.