SpaceDino / Alex Champion video Final

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This is the final version of my long term goal in Blender. And yes, it could use some more texturing/lightning/shading/compositing etc, but my goal of explaining how the skillsets work has been achieved. At some point you've got to call it a day. So i call the project finished or released.

Things added since WIP#6:
- Idle animations to SpaceDino
- Voiceover (Table of Contents, Introduction, both stories)
- Improved the background
- fixed several errors (except the typo's in Introduction (oops!))

I also wanted to voice everyting else, but the voice would have to be over 2x the speed. And i didn't feel like offset everything as that would be extremely cumbersome and prone to error. In retropec, having actual gameplay in a game-engine would have been the best solution for that.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Cool cool, congrats on finally finishing it. Nice voice too, I kept wondering if its A.I generated or an actual person. Cheers. 🤟🏼