Snowbot Final

There are no snow in the future. So here is a robot, that creates snowballs. For my VR game Snowfight. 

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  • Nice model! A snowy fishbot?

    There is some artefacting on the smoke on the render, but not sure you mind since this is going to a game engine.

    Good work!

  • This is a cool model, with great textures. Nicely done! I like how you took a few basic shapes and made them look wholly unique. I think a large part of modeling sci-fi and/or fantasy stuff is creating something that doesn't immediately make somebody think of the X-Wing or Constitution Class Starship it was based off of. This has a fun, whimsical feel to it.

    Aside: I think the comment system ate my comment. Grr. I tend to open up a bunch of images that interest me and comment on them all at once before going on to do my own thing. I think it makes me look like a bot to Mavenseed.

  • Adrian

    Very cool 🥶, pun intended.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    I remember this guy, looks cool. I like he is in the science and technology category and is helping to fight global warming.