Sleek Stylized Shark Sculpture 🦈 Final

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This is my resulting shark sculpture after following along with the final challenge in Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting with Blender.

I wanted to take on the challenge of using a different shark concept than the one that was used in the lecture videos.

I like how the shark with the open mouth and two layers of teeth (top and bottom) not only featured an aesthetic vibe of sleekness and ferociousness -- but also offered more challenges in sculpting the shape of the tail fin, opening up the mouth, and adding even more of the aforementioned teeth 🦷

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Good sculpt man, and more importantly, the personality in the character comes through. I guess the only thing I notice is the teeth, they are a bit flat and wobbly, you can notice when you see them head one. Other than that you achieved good definitions on the body, nicely done 🤘🏼