Skillset video WIP#6 (youtube video) Work In Progress

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This is milestone 6 of my animation. I propably need 2-3 more WIPS till completion. So when working on the project i did the easy stuff first and the more tricky and fun stuff later. I have not reached the Texturing, shading and compositing stage yet.

Though i do feel that project fatigue hits like a truck, so im taking a break from blender for idk how long. Its suprising how much effort is needed to create a project like this.
Im curious what you think about it and would happily answer any questions

In the video discription i've added a list of addons used and usefull Blender related youtube channels. I know what Blender users like... ;)

Notice: @ Orbital Marker i accidentally replace the laser material to the grey armor metal material. It should look like this: 
(apart from the other flaws)
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Hey I think I remember this when it was in its infancy. It's too technical for me to understand it fully, but it feels like it's getting fleshed out into something real. Burnout is not an easy thing, but try not to take a very long break or your project will be in danger of being left incomplete. Procrastinating can be very seductive and before you know it you are under the spell.