The Lord of Refuse Work In Progress

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I hope he's ugly, that's the point. ;)
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  • I don’t know about ugly, but to me he looks like a fanatic: the kind who’d spill rivers of blood for his beliefs and convictions without any remorse or guilt, and then die believing himself a martyr and a saint. The kind who’d gouge out his own eyes for showing him ‘lies’, rather than admitting that his faith could be mistaken. I’ve met the type.🙂

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      claire pottier(Raoulette) author

      C'est exactement ça! This is the concept.👌
      Dommage que tu aies rencontré un type pareil. ☠

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Looks so cool and with personality. He's the guy that survived a tragedy in his hometown, has forever been bitter and people don't understand because he never talks about it, people think he is just mad all the time for no reason, but the truth is life has treat him harshly. He is Mr. Aubert, Lucas Aubert.

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      claire pottier(Raoulette) author

      Sorry for the delay.
      But it's a creature with no name of its own, no country, it only has our darkest sides in common with us.