Sharky is on the hunt Final

The render of the shark sculpting exercise as seen by a really brave scuba diver...
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  • slenaerts Your shark is great 👍! I'm look forward to your review of the lighting 😀.

  • Thanks for checking out my lamp gallery. I'm glad you like it.

    Someday near future I'll make a tutorial on how to use volumetric lighting as the way I described earlier. :)

  • Thanks :) euv ! I still have to go through the lessons regarding lighting and texturing. I tried here with volumetric, but couldn't get it to work. I'll review this as soon as I get more accustomed to how those nodes work. BTW I saw your light collection, impressive! I love the detailing on some of your lamps, really cool!

  • Everything looks fantastic.

    If this is my submission piece I use the volumetric density for the top (sunray) and the bottom (sand/sea level) portions only by adding a color vamp node. I also leave the shark to remain less foggy. These are my creative suggestions.