Shark Sculpt Final

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Finished the "Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting with Blender"

My sharky shark:

Main issue - I could not fix the fins, as grabbing them wont move the very point of the fins, making some weird shapes if i try to detail it.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    I guess that's a cool and unique idea, make a flying shark. There's already a how to make clouds course. Don't worry about the fins, as you practice more and more you'll start to get the results you're looking for, just gotta practice and have grit. 🤘

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      Sarunas Skardzius(vegiroto) author

      I was looking for a proper under water environmental texture background, yet all of them applied a blue-ish tint that killed of all the details while rendering.

      Beware of the flying shark.