Shaderball Work In Progress

Hello, I am making my 1st project as a shaderball to test what i've learned and i faced problems to the way of perfectionism. :P Sorry if my questions are silly 1) I dont know how to apply and join 'child' object so its normals or vertices are connected to 'parent' object. 2) I tried to apply 10deg auto smooth option to selected verticies, but it would affect all the mesh too somehow. Side question: - Is there a way to extrude or move certain painted parts in object (without textures or bump node or displacement)?
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  • bigt01 author

    Thank you
    I am doing high poly model, but I saved another shader ball without modifiers applied. So yeah I can do a low poly too, like you suggest :)
    (btw you can download blend file from the video description. I hope i uploaded it right)

  • Nice shader ball :D I am new, so I may not be able to help, but are you working with a high poly model or a low-poly with a subdivision modifier? It seems a low-poly objects would be much easier to work with (mark seams, etc) and the subdivision can then add the smoothing, but can be turned off to make future adjustments.