Sessions: Minimalism / Planets / "To Boldly Glow" Final

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This is my second custom scene after initially following along with the Planets lessons of `Sessions: Minimalism`.

For this scene, I wanted to capture and combine several dramatic juxtapositions -- of depth... of scale... of light... of shadow... and of the alluring resilience of color amidst an sweeping landscape of monochrome.

It was challenging to preserve the sense of overpowering size and scale in the larger row of planets while also having them shoot out across the width of the composition. But I feel good about how it eventually turned out in that regard.

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  • Looks great, well done. Cool idea. I keep seeing all these cool renders from the Sessions course and am kinda chompin at the bit to get to it. Keep on making these tasty Blendings! 8^]

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dangs that is a great idea and well achieved, it looks and feels great. Just being a little nit-picky, maybe the last ones feel a bit too close together at the end there? Loosing some of the scale the first ones transmit. Still it looks really cool, A++ in creativity and uniqueness. 🤟🏼

    • CypherPoet author

      Thanks Omar! You're right that the last planets are a bit close together. I played with manually, pushing them out a little more to create some additional horizontal separation. However, I also wanted to leave a slight amount of space on the right side of the composition for the starfield background. Ah... so many different ways to do it, haha 😆