Sessions: Minimalism / Graphic Landscapes / Japanese Torii Gate Final

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After initially following along with the lessons and creating the scene featured in the lecture with a few customizations (see the second video in this post), I got started on my first fully custom scene: A Japanese Torii Gate landscape animation.

Like the scene from the original lecture, no light objects are used: Everything is brought to life with the light emitted from its own shader. The overall modeling aesthetic emphasizes flat shapes and graphics -- with the occasional infusion of depth and dimension in objects such as the side hills and trees.

In addition to looping the sky spin and the day/night color transitions, I took care to loop the animation for the leaves of the tree and the spinning sun disk.

Furthermore, I wanted to capture some of the traditional colorways found in Japanese mountain landscape art -- while also adding a more... spectral... mystique as day transitioned into night. This included elements such as the glowing bolt ornaments, glowing leaves, sparkling rocks, twinkling stars, some extra ground mist in the atmosphere, and more ๐ŸŒ—

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