Sessions 5/5 Final

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Now I finished the SESSIONS course.

For this one I used a timer set to 2 hours, and when it rang I should hit "Render animation"

Considering that, and that I now want a whole short film out of this shot... I am quite happy with the result :)

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Turned out cool. A challenge like that would be impossible for me. I wouldn't be able to abide to my own rule because I'm the one who made it and breaking it without repercussion is too tempting. I'd be like meh, 10 more minutes to add this detail here and it'll look even cooler. No one has to know the thing rang.

    • Martin Aversa(cgtin) author

      Hahaha, the temptation was real! Well, I took an extra minute or two with the output settings and adding the denoising node, but I'll allow that to myself :P