My PRESS START final Result Final

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So,I wanted to make something darker version of the console.I try to match the eyes of Geralt and yennefer from 'The Witcher' series to the buttons and make the console metallic.As for a Blender Noob myself i did a pretty good job i think and had more fun in doing the PRESS START Course. 
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Wow great black version of the console. It is really way too black, but not a deal breaker. I like the second render the best, because you the background merges with the blackness and you can't see the edge of the ground plane. Thumbs up.

  • Adrian

    Super result Vetri!
    My only comment on your black console, its too black...
    Avoid setting the color value to 0, nothing is actually totally black. Except a black hole.
    Total black looks like a console shaped hole in the image.
    Nice modeling though and congrats on finishing the course