Sci-fi gizmo Final

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Short project partially done with blender

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  • This is really interesting to look at.

    I'm not sure if it's a robot that fell on its side, or an elaborate lock of some sort, but Omar's point about it feeling almost clay like is spot on. If you had some jerky stop-motion animation with this whatever it is, rather than smooth animation, it would go right along with the style.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Nice work Fabian. Did you sculpt it? It has a clay feel somehow. Seems to me he story behind this is civilization collapsed due to nuclear war. Man moved into caves again, and somehow this new primitive man had a recollection of what ended the world and using earth they tried to recreate what they collectively remembered as the doomsday device. Five thousand years later, when a new civilization arose again, they found this piece of art in one of the caves. Everyone freaks out.

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      Fabian Grundmann(raisonhomme) author

      Thanks, Omar! You've been really great at world building in terms of narrative (and 3D) on the past collabs. It actually looks so battered that I might have been dug up. I really hadn't thought of a back story but tried to experiment with some shapes and retrofuturistic vibes. It is indeed a sculpt. I used the Adobe Modeler beta that is still available for free for a couple of weeks. It has an interesting approach to sculpting that doesn't quite compare to blender or Zbrush. I remeshed it for a low poly in blender where I also did the UV unwrap.