Well this is my final version of my latest character post project "the barbarian". It was extremely challenging for a guy who dont have any experience in game/characters. So he was modeled in zbrush, all maps and some of accesories plus retopology were done in Blender, pants were simulated in Marvelous Designer and finally rendered in Blender-Eevee with some adjusments in Photoshop. Thank you and enjoy!
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  • anarchymedes Thank you for your feedback! I know i need to work a bit on that skin wich i did a little and i will post a cycle render, now i red that article and i gotta say that a movie character is totally diferent from a game character( one of alita eye had like 8,5 milion polygons? insane). I will try also to pose him in a different face expression and body posture, it will help a lot with the personality of the character.

  • To me, he looks more like a holy warrior than a barbarian: there's a glint of fanaticism and worship in his expression...
    On a technical note, I'd say the pores are too big, and too much reflection makes his skin appear metallic, a bit like foil. Here is an article in Engadget that has some interesting ideas about making CG humans -- never mind what they say about the movie itself:

  • spikeyxxx Well i wanted to render in cycles but it doesn't render, and the scene is not that complex but after i press the render button it dont start...i dont know. That's why i did it in eevee.

  • Oh, that can be, I have had some strange artefacts when trying to render with EEVEE as well. I had a simple snowman and EEVEE just didn't render a section of the uv sphere it was made of. It had a hole in it. I tried to figure out why, but couldn't find the reason, so after a whole day of trying, I gave up and rendered it in Cycles.

  • spikeyxxx Thank you so much for your observations and i must say first that those are not the seams, i think is some kinda of artifact from eevee engine, some sort of volume scatter + light. Regarding the eyebrows intersection i must point out that the right one(as you looked at it) it was meant to be chopped or something:). And yeah i need to work on skin more, also need to check that necklace because i was aware of that at first but maybe i missed it. Oh and the nipples indeed i forgot them, lol;D. Thank you!

  • Hi Irinel, great sculpt! There are a few things though. As you already mentioned, the skin shader looks quite bad. Then something that's really bothering me is that the necklace is intersecting the neck. Furthermore there are some texture seams on the neck and arms. also the moustache and eyebrows are intersecting the skin, but more disturbing is the top of the nose, which seems to cut in to the brow or whatever that is called. But I really like the lighting and generally it's a great picture! By the way, did you forget the nipples?
    I also really love the wrinkles in the pants.
    Keep up the good work.

  • mmalhomsi Thank you for your feedback! Well it kinda started after i watched a few videos of developing the God of War 4 game and i was really impressed by what that studio did with that game so i kinda wanted to resurrect one of my past favourite game character-Prince of Persia but it went this way. The concept is mine, got a little inspired by some concepts from Pinterest but that's pretty much it. I will try a pose and indeed there is a issue on that arm zone but i will try to fix it because also i dont quite like the skin. Cheers!

  • very good work here , do this barbarian has a backround story?
    the face anatomy is great , there is some issues in the arm pit area , but overall it is ok.
    the face topology feels a littles to dense !
    u may give hime a pose it is better to show case ur work
    i m not an Eevee expert so i have Nothing to say about the shading ,i love the tatoos!
    is this ur concept.? keep the good job