salish orca Final

I did this after watching Gleb's totem tutorial. It needed more time than I really had to give it, but I got in some good practice. Criticism welcome.
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  • Thanks! And I agree with you on the textures. The boundary between the bark and the wood was also too sharp. The bark felt altogether fake. I tried a few tweaks, but I never intended to take this one much beyond the draft phase. Just wanted to see what I could do with the idea in a few hours. Maybe I will come back to it another day.

  • Its a great concept, love the idea of the whale. Some suggestions for the textures, on the cutout part the sides should have a radial pattern where you can see the rings of the tree. Also the vertical cracks you have probably should be horizontal so that they go with the grain of the tree. But that's just food for though. Good job!