s. baptism Final

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  • Well, what I see is 1. Rammstein logo (if it can be called that😉), and 2. failure of democracy and triumph of totalitarianism: so, no more pacifism, no more softly-softly, be strong, choose your side, do or die, and so on. The 21st century: the age of DOOM Eternal😁.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    A very interpretative piece. A cross is always allegorically to religion, an inverted one is the stuff of curses and hell. I'm going to say this is a dude that was a millionaire in life, didn't do good things with his wealth, died and went to heaven. Now the heaven alarm went off, all red and sirens sounds all over and no one knew what was going on, the angels scrambled trying to figure out the situation. I guess my only critique would be that the guy is barely visible in the shot, is too dark and you can't really tell his silhouette is there. Great piece though 🤟🏼