Robot WIP Work In Progress

WIP of a robot i wanted to replicate from an image on my computer. Model isn't finished and i was planning on shelving it for now since i wanted to work on other stuff,  but i wanted to practice texturing since it's not something i've really worked on yet. Everything except the main body and shell is just general color scheme while they've received some extra treatment. Model is all quads except for a few circles i need to go back and grid fill.

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  • The topologies are very clean and precise. 👏

  • @omarc, excellent work so far.
    Your geometry looks clean, and I love the dinged up paint texture!

    There are a few spots where the paint looks fresh, and there are no dings or corrosion on the metal bits, but everywhere you've roughed up the paint looks really good!

    • Stella author

      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah there's spots that i still need to work on, but i wanted to show off what i had so far since i was putting the project up for a bit. Once i get back on it i'll need to finish the texturing and the rest of the modeling.