Ringed planet from a moon Final

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Did these after watching the SESSIONS: Minimalism: Planets by Kent Trammell... One is my take while doing the tutorial and the other is my effort of applying what I learned for my own scene.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Cool stuff Grady. Dude, that first one has like a chocolate chip cookie feel to it and with a planet made entirely out of pure chocolate. Oh the joy of living on a planet like that, it's heaven. Or visiting would be better perhaps, otherwise we would just be like fish when asked how's the water, and they replay, what's water?

    • Grady Pruitt(gradyp) author

      Wasn't aiming for "chocolate chip cookie"... but looking at it, I guess I can see it :D It did take a couple of tries getting the crater to look right... I think the first time, I made them too deep

    • CypherPoet

      Somewhere in the universe, there HAS to be a planet that looks exactly like a giant chocolate chip cookie 😆