Minolta Miniflex Final

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Minolta Miniflex was introduced in 1959. This Twin Lens Reflex engineering solution seemed to me pretty unusual and interesting. So I decided to recreate this cutie and had a lot of fun.

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  • Superb project Ivan. Great choice of object for 3D. Love the texturing - beautifully executed. 👏🏼

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Daaangs that is so great. What is it about hard-surface modeling that is so appealing? All the little details and the grunge texture, something about all of that realism, I don't know. That is superb work Ivan, A+ from a non-teacher.

    • L
      Ivan Pl(Lofi) author

      I appreciate your feedback, Omar! I think it’s just a height and normal values give this micro result 😊

  • Adrian

    This looks awesome!
    Excellent modeling, and the materials are really good.
    Did you only use Blender or maybe Substance Painter for the materials?

    • L
      Ivan Pl(Lofi) author

      Thank you, Adrian! Yeah, I decided to use Substance in this project, trying to integrate new software and develop some new skills.

  • Wow! Mind blowing excellence in every way! Do you mind if I ask if you used any addons like Boxcutter/Hardops or Fluent or Plasticity, or other? Incredible work.

    • L
      Ivan Pl(Lofi) author

      Thank you!
      In this case only standard Blender modelling preferences☺️