Red Game Console Final

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I just finished the Press Start course, and I learned many new useful tricks and tips along the way. Can't wait to press start on another one 😁
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It's better now. That green one looks cool. I like how it pops out.

  • Adrian

    Nicely done, congrats on completing the course!
    All you need is to lower the light strength a little,
    Overall though a very satisfying result.
    What's the next project now this one is complete?

    • akiyoshidoug author

      Thank you, Adrian!
      I just lowered the light strength as you suggested, and I think it looks better now. What do you think? And I also made a green and blue version of the console, just trying a different color combination.
      As for my next project, I want to practice as much as I can here on CG Cookie, but I'm still deciding which course to start now, there are so many options haha. Do you have a recommendation?

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Very good results. My only very tiny correction is that the game cartridge is a little blown out and washed out by the light. Other than that it looks great.

    • akiyoshidoug author

      Thank you for the feedback, Omar. I didn't notice that before, I need to work on my perception of details 😅... but I just made the adjustments and I think it looks better now, what do you think? Oh, and I also took the opportunity to try a different color combination for the console, green and blue!