Realistic Helmets - Sports Motion Graphics Work In Progress

After I finished the Fundamentals list of courses I decided to try to model something entirely on my own to practice. I ended up working with photos from helmets of teams I work with, and here is the first attempt of animation with it. 

Let me know what you think! Would love some feeback so I can start training my eye for 3D. What do you see that could be improved?

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  • Thanks for the stills, much easier to look at now. Those helmets look really good, I like all the details with the screw heads and all. Well done. At first I thought the material of the straps was a bit too reflective. I had to look up some references, never had a bull riding helmet in my hand and can only compare it to hockey helmet, but it seem they come that way too. Maybe the ends of the straps should flap out a bit more rather than stick to the helmet like that, just from a quick google search. Aside from that top notch modelling.

    • Nathi Tappan(nathitappan) author

      Thanks Sascha, that's awesome feedback! I also thought the hardware made a big difference. I'm glad I took the time to model them.
      I'll tweak the straps too.. that'll give me a chance to test out the asset browser linking I've done with this series of assets!
      I'll be honest... never seen one in person either lol. I work with them, but remotely, so I modeled it from high quality photos and videos, but that was it. In fact, the inside was modeled after my husband's hockey helmet since I couldn't get that angle anywhere else.
      Thanks again for taking the time to take a peek!

  • Really nice work. Biggest critique on my side would be the animation itself. It's so fast there's no time to look at the helmets, I had to pause it to do so. Would you mind posting a few stills? The details look quite good, would love to look at it closer.

    • Nathi Tappan(nathitappan) author

      Thanks Sascha! That's definitely the "faster, faster, glitchier" sports motion design in me. Lol. That's a great point. I'll share some static renders when I'm off work later today.