Raceland Final

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environment building in layers
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Looking awesome. Is the car in the foreground jumping? It is totally not on the ground, but it is linear enough that it doesn't feel with the jump momentum the car on the back has. I guess that's the only feedback that comes to my mind. After that it all looks so awesome 🤙🏼

    • Tobias Schmid(benkroft) author

      ther is a gap because to the microdisplacement of the sandplane, it should be on the ground.

  • Nice: almost as if shot from a vehicle that's right ahead of the two shown on the picture, through the haze and dust. 👍 And the vertical sun: like, extreme tropical desert. 😎
    I don't know if a sedan, no matter how sporty-looking, could've made it this far, though: I'd use an SUV, an AWD like Subaru, for example; they're also cool-looking, but less out of place in the wilderness. 😁
    Oh, and if it really was meant to be looking like a shot from a leading vehicle, it probably could've used some motion blur, too.