Puck, the mischievous fairy dragon from the game Dota 2. I tried using a new method of posing characters, using face sets and the pose brush and I have to say it's really useful! It basically allows you to add a very simple rig in sculpt mode (both FK and IK). It's kind of limited, but for simple poses it works fine, and you can fix a lot of deformations with sculpting anyway. Plus, no weight painting! Anyway, had a lot of fun with this one. Dota has some pretty cool character designs to choose from, so I might do some more in the future. Hope you like it!
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  • Thanks for the explanation!👍
    I must try it out on my next character sculpt

  • beefkeef Thanks!

    I don't see why you couldn't use it on the high poly model, but I would expect some heavy lag / crashes, especially when you set the brush to behave like an IK chain.
    All depends on how detailed you make your initial sculpt I suppose, you might get decent results if you decimate it first.

    I used an addon to automatically retopo this, then added a multires modifier on top of that for the details. Generally I get good performance with that but my pc still got grumpy if I tried to pose with it turned on.

  • This looks really cool, well done! 👍

    I'm interested in the face sets posing you mentioned, that's something I need to explore!

    Do you need to retopo before doing that, or can you pose it as a high poly?