Procedural Textures Work In Progress

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I'm hoping this can be the beginning of my collection of procedural textures as I make them. 

I'm still new at this but they will improve over time. =)

This is my very first procedural texture I made using only what I have learned so far in the fundamentals. 

Going for a sort of frosty cracked ice, like it froze quickly. 

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  • I don’t know: looks more like quartz then like ice to me — although still cool, and quite useful as a procedural material.

    • Shay Spear(Spearshay) author

      That's funny I was actually going for a crystal type material, then it transitioned into ice.
      But yeah, it still doesn't look quite as chilly as I would like. Any ideas?

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Got frosty frozen ice vibes as soon as I looked at the pictures, so procedural texture mission accomplished 🤙🏼

  • If anyone has any input on how I could get it to be more frosty and/or wetter looking, that would be most welcome.

    • Adrian

      These look super cool, pun intended 😆
      Lowering the roughness can give you a more reflective wetter look, and increasing can make it look more frosty.
      You could also get more in depth with adding bump and lowering/increasing respectively.
      Top job!