Primitive House Final

Just submitted my house made of primitive shapes in Object mode only.

No materials were required but I added and emission for the interior of the house for contrast.

It took me a few days to do as it was more thinking of what to create and not putting everything I kept wanting to add, lol.

Posted it on SketchFab. my first time using it. Nice website, great to have such a resource.

This is from the Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp. It is a great course and helping me fill in the gaps and learn stuff I didn't know.

It did take some strategy in using the Array and Mirror modifier without the need of going into Edit mode. The Array mod was the trickier one when it came to the brick walls and making the patterns suit the windows then joining them together, making different sections to array. 

The humans were from CG Trader. They were free to use and nice to add to the model for scale and making a story to imagine.

Had to go back and apply scales as SketchFab had a conniption of some things that didn't have the scale applied, lol.

I added a few renders from the Workbench Render Engine, never really bothered with it before....,the black mold looking splotch around the window as far as I can tell is a shadow. I didn't find anything there that would make that and Eevee doesn't show that either.

Just spotted a missing brick, lol. Fixed but late for inspection 8^)

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