Press Start's Game Console - First Finished Model Final

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Absolultely jazzed and wildly proud with how this turned out for a first time blender user (and gallery uploader-er-er), even my partner gave me a big "Look at you go!" kiss on the forehead. For Jonothan Lampel to open the door and produce this brilliantly free, and easily accesible tutorial series (alongside the Blender Basics videos) I can, with a big thumbs up, say that I have found my new "Shtick". Big time recommend sticking through with the tutorial to the end!

@Jonothan I don't know how (or if I can) tag you here, but thanks heaps. This was a blast!

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  • Jonathan Lampel(jlampel)

    Fantastic result! I'm absolutely jazzed for you to enjoy learning and to have fun doing something both creative and challenging. Hearing comments like this is the best, so thanks for sharing :) Keep up the good work!

  • Adrian

    Press Start is an excellent free course!
    The result is all you though!
    Congrats on finishing the course, and can't wait to see your next project...
    Pothead, maybe?

    Ps. I will share your comment with the team and make sure Jonathan see's it.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Glad to hear all that, your result is great. Keep on rocking 🤙