PRESS START Consoles Final

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My first course done. One being a follow along with the course videos, the other using the least amount of help from the videos and using different reference schematics. 

  • Very cool!
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    This is such a great result Robbie. Everyone around here loves it when someone takes the course knowledge and applies it in unique ways. The dark gray / green color scheme looks awesome. Keep on rocking.

  • Wes Burke(wesburke)

    Nice work on completing the course. Love the variants and looks like some fun was had. Which one are you tackeling next?

    • Robbie Christie(ROBBERCHIEF) author

      My plans are....well to be honest, there's so many awesome courses to do, the more I look, the more it's getting difficult to decide, but I'll start with reassuring my own ability with the fundamental courses on modelling, shading and texturing just to see if there's anything that I haven't come across yet in the time that I've been using Blender prior to joining up here. I'll probably end up doing the Pothead course, Low Polly Rocket or the Tressure Chest course depending on what I feel like improving after the fundamental courses.