Practice Dragon (lets call them Cookie) Final

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Was practicing sculpting with YanSculpts excellent monthly sculpt sessions (found on their patreon =D) and figured I would use it to practice my retopo, rigging, and a little animating. Let me know what you think! :) Fitzy
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  • So…it’s been a few days….and it’s gonna sound pretty stupid…but I honestly thought I was naming this dragon a completely random word :p …i totally forgot “cgcookie” had the word cookie in it, till just this moment >< haha

  • Wooow nice sneeze! It feels natural and feels like a young playful dragon. Nice rig, I’m still in noob-phase and I can’t judge, but o man, so good!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Awesome stuff, great model, I like that dragon Cookie bust. The sneeze is great, the headshake afterwards at the end feels a little slow though, kinda like a puppet on strings motion, like the shake should be more violent.

    • Fitzy (fitzy182) author

      Thank you! yeah, I agree, The curse of the small personal project >< my mind always starts to wander to the next thing near the end before its really finished haha!
      This is why its good to have people keep you honest :p