My Pothead model Final

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My first model in CG cookie. This one was so much fun! 

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    One of the best Potheads out there, congrats Valerie. Lots of awesome bump detail, I love how the controller feels, almost dusty, some cool depth of field and a great environment to put him on. If I were to critique a small thing is how the lighting creates that extreme sharp shadow. It feels like he was running away from the cops and they cornered him and shinned those reflector lights at him and said freeze! face the wall! drop the pot now!

    • ValYaz author

      Thank you Omar! Yea, the lighting was pretty basic. I haven't worked on lighting much, but I love your take on it! :)

  • excellent work! You definitely have modelling chops. Keep em coming, great to see your work.